Friday, 15 April 2011

BLIZZARD Press Release!!!

Recruitment: BLIZZARD Corporate Consulting
Arno Strydom

Blizzard Corporate Consulting is a specialist recruitment and consulting company with the potential to take the corporate recruitment world by storm. “We believe that our strength comes from specialization and experience in fields of sales training, sales representation, and staffing solutions”, says Arno Strydom, Executive Management Consultant.
The purpose of recruitment is the hiring of individuals within a company. The assumption comes naturally that it is paramount for a recruiter to select the correct individuals with the required skill sets for a respective client company, whilst considering the external environment of the candidate. Strydom states that Blizzard Consulting deals with the above mentioned factors in an innovative way offering intelligent staffing solutions and methodologies to ensure that the most suitable candidate is found for the most habitable environment within an organization in terms of job culture and employment suitability. Blizzard aims at the evolution of job recruitment methods by means of innovative recruitment and job placement approaches and optimal client and candidate satisfaction.
Blizzard exerts a great deal of effort to ensure the employment and placement of the correct candidate by use of expert and professional recruitment consulting. Blizzard utilizes an out-of-the-box system in dealing with clients. Client needs are optimally satisfied by having frequent client visits and face-to-face interactions. A key factor in Blizzard’s client centric approach to recruitment is the relationships that are built in the process. Regular consultation ensures that the candidate finds the best match in terms of the position and culture within the organization. “Long term relationships are formed to the mutual benefit of all parties”, Stydom articulates.
“Blizzard does much to ensure that the candidate is being taken care of”, says Strydom. Blizzard offers a unique staff training approach which provides support to both Client and Candidate within the initial employment period. This ensures that nothing goes wrong in this sensitive client/candidate period. Contact with candidate is maintained to ensure that no work related issues have arisen and that the candidate is happy in his/her working environment.  
As an added service, Blizzard Corporate Consulting also offers Sales Training and coaching for new Sales Staff within the Travel Sector to ensure optimum sales performance. “This will be product and industry specific and will allow the sales recruit the opportunity to gain confidence and skills in order to make the maximum impact when visiting the Retail Travel Trade”, Strydom says. Furthermore, sales representation is also available for Wholesale and Travel providers wanting to create brand awareness of their product in the Travel Industry throughout Gauteng, Free State, Kimberly & Nelspruit areas to the Retail Travel Trade.
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Blizzard Corporate Consulting is a specialist recruitment company that offers premier business, sales and job placement solutions to both clients and individuals within the Corporate and Leisure, Wholesale and Retail Travel & Hospitality industries. Blizzard also further focuses on the Insurance, Beauty & Office Administration sectors.

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